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Many insurance and financial experts consider disability insurance an essential insurance product. For most of us, our greatest asset is our ability to earn an income. Paying for the necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter) as well as our purchasing plans for the future (a car, a home, a college education for our children, having money for retirement), all hinge around our ability to earn an income. Should we suffer a disability, we risk losing everything. Walczak Associates, Inc. has been successful in helping individuals in New York and New Jersey with their disability insurance needs.

What is disability insurance?
Disability insurance provides replacement of lost income due to a sickness or injury.

Who should consider purchasing disability insurance?
  • Income earners: As statistics reveal a far greater likelihood of a disability occurring than a premature death, all income earners need to consider disability insurance protection.
  • Business partners: Disability buy-out insurance can provide a means of ownership transfer should a disability occur to one of the partners of a business.
What factors come into play when determining rates and insurability for an applicant?
Insurance underwriters consider the following factors in determining rates and insurability: Occupation, duties, medical and prescription history, age and income.

What should you look for in a disability policy?
All disability policies are not equal. When evaluating a policy, it is important to understand the features of the contract as well as determining if any riders should be included with your policy.

Important features of the contract to consider: Important riders to consider: We at Walczak Associates, Inc. are knowledgeable with disability insurance products. We're happy to help you determine your wants and needs, shop the market and assist with all required paperwork.


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