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Finding affordable medical insurance for business owners, with no other employees, has always been difficult. The reason is that insurance companies require group plans to have at least two full-time employees. Walczak Associates, Inc. has been successful in helping self-employed business owners in New York's 5 boroughs, Long Island and New York's northern counties (Westchester, Rockland and Orange) with their medical insurance needs.

If you are self-employed, you can qualify (see submission requirements) for affordably priced medical insurance by joining a business association. A major reason for joining is to get the group rate available to association members. Most often when comparing association plan rates to individual coverage, the cost is significantly reduced.

How do I learn more?
  • The self-employed grid highlights current available medical plans available with association membership.
  • The self-employed information page explains terminology, qualifications for association membership, submission deadlines and doctor network websites.
We at Walczak Associates, Inc., are happy to help you determine your wants and needs, review doctor networks and assist with the required paperwork.


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